Simplified Features

With a goal of simplifying the life of a family dealing with food allergies.

Scan a Product

Simply click on the barcode icon and scan your item.

Product Search

Quickly search our database by typing in the name of your product.

Create Profiles

Add your child, maybe yourself, and quickly select the allergens associated with this person.

Save Your Favorites

Easily add favorite items from the product detail page to the associated profile.

Make a Grocery List

Add items to your grocery list to know what products you need to pick up from the store.


Share a profile or grocery list with family and friends.


To create a centralized database for sufferers of food allergies to access on demand information about the ingredients in any food item or meal they may possibly eat.


The founder of AllerCheck is a father of two kids, that both have food allergies. He knew there had to be a better way to manage the food selection process for their family. Sending kids away to family members out of town was always a pain staking ordeal of preperation and reinforcement. For this reason he set out to create a simple, easy to use app, that could organize this information and be accessible to family and friends.

App Screenshots

Take a quick tour of the simplistic user friendly interface.

Featured On NBC

"Local parent develops mobile app for children living with food allergies."